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2013 is the centenary of the first Summer School of Rudolf Laban at Monte Verità. This conference center is known by schools of dance, theatre and therapy of Europe and the U.S. as a site of innovative encounter and a place of research and study.

Nunzia Tirelli, Con_creta, encouraged by favourable dialogues she had over the last few years with students, professionals and scholars, local and European, she lends herself as the spokesperson to gather at the Monte Verità, Ascona, internationally renowned researchers to celebrate and open to the public some of the many guidelines that have been developed from the discoveries of Rudolf Laban.

With a contemporary spirit and with the knowledge of today, LABAN EVENT 2013 is intended to be a theatre for the scholars in the arts, therapeutic, educational and performative and share what are the applications of the complex system of Laban and the art of movement in his practical and theoretical principles, now widely documented.

LABAN EVENT 2013 is for students of theatre, dance, architects, expressive therapies, as well as to educators, teachers, therapists and artists.

There is a real desire on the part of people who know, develop and apply the principles of Laban to meet, share and study together. What better place than Monte Verità, Ascona to create an international event, and celebrate the centenary of the first school for the arts!

“Laban inspired others from all walks of life to take up and develop his work. His ideas have generated innovations not just in dance, but also in acting and performance, in the study of non-verbal communication, in ergonomics, in educational theory and child development, in personality assessment and in psychotherapy.”

Valerie Preston Dunlop, Rudolf Laban, An Extraordinary Life

The program includes workshops, lectures and demonstrations of work led by international renown professors and professionals who joined with enthusiasm the LABAN EVENT 2013 at Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland.




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