LABAN EVENT 2015 investigates an other chapter of the history of dance concerning the experiments lead in Monte Verità at the beginning of the twentieth Century with the presentation of the two unpublished re-creations "The Dancing Drumstick" and "Ishtar's Journey into Hades”, a project awarded by the Federal Office of Culture "Heritage of dance in Switzerland”.

Punctual to the commitment, due largely achieved the objectives set by the two previous editions, and proud of the prize awarded by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture "Heritage of dance in Switzerland", with LABAN EVENT 2015 we continue to keep alive the contemporary research of dance at Monte Verità.


RECREATE focuses on the work of Rudolf Laban “man of the theater” and propose an important fragment of the cultural heritage of dance in Switzerland by presenting the two choreographies "The Dancing Drumstick" and "Ishtar's Journey into Hades."

RECREATE investigates through discussions, conferences the meaning of recreations for dance culture today.

RECREATE with practical workshops draws attention to the theatrical work of Rudolf Laban acknowledging influences and traces of the past and by updating the experiences in the theatrical field.




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