LABAN EVENT 2014 focuses on the "dance for all" and deals with the principles and practical discourse concerning the educational and the social aspect of dance. Dance as a personal and collective experiential language that care the aspect of communication among people that leads the dialogue and the grow respecting the differences.

LABAN EVENT 2014 is oriented on Educational Dance and Movement Choir, this choral ritual  was founded during the summer exercises in Ascona, Monte Verità, in the years between 1910 and 1914.

“Laban recognised in people both a need and a devotion to dance, a realisation which led him to emphasise the two-fold nature of the ideas of community dance. On the one hand, dance is an expression which arises out of the community, out of work release or desire for celebration or commemoration. There is a community of feeling which wants to, needs to, mark an occasion. On the other hand dance itself is community, in the preparation, in the organisation and above all, in the experience of dancing for the delight in the shared  experience.

(J.Hodgson, Valerie Preston-Dunlop, 1990, pg. 43)




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