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Dr. Preston Dunlop is a consultant at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance where she pioneered the development of choreological studies. A practical scholar, she received her initial training from Rudolf Laban, Lisa Ullman, Kurt Jooss and Albrecht Knust. While a young teacher of modern dance  she developed Laban’s concepts for educational dance and for notation. Always innovative introduced and developed the Motif Writing.

Her current research interests are sacred geometry in human movement, recover and re-create the works of the twenties of Laban and the development of interactive mapping methods for documenting the creative process in the first place for the multimedia dance theatre William Forsythe. She published several books, including Rudolf Laban: An Extraordinary Life (winner of the Dance Perspectives book of the year 1999).


Rosemary is a practical choreologist. She acquired her skills through years of experience as a professional dancer and teacher and through study for a Masters degree at the Laban Centre, London, in 1986. After lecturing at the Laban Centre for several years, where she developed her unique approach to choreology.

In 2006 she returned to Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance as the Undergraduate Studies One Year Programme Co-ordinator and is Senior lecturer in Choreological Studies. She is in demand in both classical and contemporary dance and is recognised in the field as being an outstanding educator and as a leader in her particular field, she is also highly regarded in Europe and has gained a considerable reputation internationally.


Alison Curtis-Jones MA - Lecturer in Dance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. She has establi-shed a reputation as a nationally reco-gnised leader for dance education and training, offering high quality master classes, lecture demonstrations and professional development for many dance and performing arts organisa-tions. In October 2013, Alison taught classes in embodying Laban’s radical dance theatre works, in Beijing, China. She is visiting lecturer at the Royal Academy of Dance, London, Bedford University and Surrey University. Alison presented with alumni of Trinity Laban at the LABAN EVENT 2013 "Suite '24 and Night" re-creations of works by Rudolf Laban, receiving great success with critics and audiences.


Gisela Peters-Rohse obtained her professional training as a dancer in Hamburg at the dance school Lola Rogge. From 1967 she worked together with her husband Kurt Peters, founder of  “The Germany Archive of Dance" in Cologne.

Since 1970 she directed the ballet section for children and the Pedagogical Seminary-Dance for kids at the "Rheinischen Musikschule" of the Conservatory of Cologne.

From 1986 to 2001 she taught Laban’s Space-Movement, Improvisation, and Folklore, as well as  Dance Pedagogy at the Institute of Children's Dance Scenic High School of Music and Dance in Cologne.

Beyond her pedagogical work she is known for her remarkable Choreography for children and for her own methodology and its concept of education, since 10 years she’s invited to transmit her methodology in Beijing, Moscow, Leningrad, Singapore, Brazil and Switzerland.


Laura Delfini, M.A. in Dance Studies

It is a scholar of Laban’s area, a choreologist and a dance educator (danzeducatrice ®).

She has collaborated with italian universities an prestigious italians and foreigners dance centers.

Author of several articles, she edited publications and conferences.

She is a member of the DES committee (National Association Dance Education Society).

In her practical and theoretical research she deals with expression, relationship, creativity and movement analysis.

In 2012 she obtained the Diploma of the Three Year Training for the acquisition skills of counselling for a quality of relationships.


Dr. Patrick Primavesi is professor at the Institute for Theatre Studies at the University of Leipzig and director of the Dance Archive Leipzig where he is leading a research program on body politics and dance institutions (with a focus on Weimar Republic and the German Democratic Republic). He also worked as a dramaturge (with William Forsythe and Mario Schröder) and established a master-program in dramaturgy (together with Hans-Thies Lehmann) at the University of Frankfurt/Main. He published widely on contemporary theatre, dance and performance art, and on the public sphere as context and challenge for the development of performing practices. His actual publication project is a source book on body politics and movement choirs, edited together with the German media and performing arts collective LIGNA.